Most frequent questions and answers

Food is prepared the day before so that it can be delivered to you ready for reheating at your convenience. Our chef will write oven temp and time on the lid. If microwaving please remove from packaging into a microwave safe dish.

Once received you will need to reheat.

Sides can be requested raw.

Reheating Instructions
•    Heat oven to 180 degree Celsius;
•    Place in oven for following times or until heated through;
•    Pies – 200 degrees – remove lid – 25 minutes
•    Lasagnes – remove lid – 25 minutes
•    Lamb, chicken, fish and beef dishes – 20 mins (kids portions 15mins)
•    Vegetable curry – 15 mins
•    Garlic bread – 15 mins
•    Mash side – 15 mins
•    New potatoes side – 15 mins
•    Roasted vegetables main – 15 mins
•    Roast vegetable side -10 mins
•    Mixed vegetable side – 10 mins
•    Couscous -15 mins
•    Rice – Microwave until piping hot. If microwaving dishes, ensure piping hot

•    Heat oven to 180 degree Celsius;
•    Cauliflower Cheese remove lid and 20 mins
•    Place Potatoes, parsnips, carrots on a tray with a little olive oil or butter 20 Mins oven if room temperature, add Chicken 20 mins
•    Pork belly 10 minutes
•    Nut Roast 10 minutes
•    Broccoli 5 mins
•    Beef place in tray cover in gravy and reheat in the oven until warm, serve beef continue to heat gravy until steaming hot.
•    Yorkshire 2 Mins

•    Brownie 5 mins
•    Sticky Toffee , Bread & butter pudding 15 mins
•    Crumble 15 mins
•    Custard  heat gently in pan or cover and microwave

We currently deliver to the Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells area.


Our minimum order is £15.

All the food is prepared the day before delivery. We can then deliver it to you chilled ready for you to reheat.

Due to the contrainsts on what we can order and the availability of ingredients we can not tailor meals to individual requirements. All of our dishes may contain traces of nuts.

You can find a full list of ingredients here: Allergy_Sheet

We are open Wednesday to Sunday. Orders are for next day delivery between 2pm-5pm and roasts by 1pm Sunday.

London orders are only delivered Friday.

Food will arrive chilled ready to be reheated in an oven or plated and heated in a microwave.

Our driver will leave the food on your door step and ring your bell and walk away. They will remain over 2m away while you come a collect your food. We only accept payment online to avoid handling cash.

Currently our chicken supreme and our butternut squash tagine (if ordered with mash (please mention in comments) are our only gluten free options.